WSF Squash Ambassadors help Kenya to improve the sport’s profile

“wsf squash ambassadors help kenya to improve the sport’s profile”

Kenya has recently had an opportunity to have the WSF Ambassador Program hosted when a trio of the world’s number one squash players came to Nairobi within the World Squash Federation promotional undertaking that which took place on June 27-30.

Nicol David, the sport’s ambassador as well as the ex-number one player in the world (at least he’s assured of this) joined his colleagues. Among them, we should mention Spain’s ex-number five player around the globe, Borja Golan, not to mention the world number three from France, Camille Serme. The sportsmen are going to stay at the Nairobi Club as well as the Parklands Sports Club for the 8th edition of the event that takes place annually.

The event united an international trainer, key squash sportsmen and also a referee into one solid entity reportedly capable of raising the profile of the sport. It should be carried out via clinics, demonstrative plays, refereeing, presentations as well as coaching conferences.

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The company of three leading players was strengthened by Ronny Vlassaks, the Belgian national trainer as well as Marko Podgorsek, the international referee of the Slovenian origin.

Andrew Shelley, the WSF CEO told, that Kenya is good epitomizing the squash countries we’d like to bring the WSF Ambassadors initiative to.

Enormous potential and unbelievable passion for squash – that’s the major outcome of this event and all the players, training and also referee activities will undoubtedly strengthen the squash community in Kenya.

As a matter of fact, in 2011, the event first paid a visit to a Baltic country, in particular, Latvia. Then the event proceeded with its voyage around the globe, coming to Malawi and Namibia. Prior to the scheduled visit to the Balkan area, the program also found itself in Venezuela and Panama. The tour finally concluded in Serbia, Croatia, and also Romania.

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WSF Squash Ambassadors help Kenya to improve the sport’s profile

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